Combined Defence Services Examination II – CDS Exam II 2017 Scholarships

CDS Examination II – CDS 2 Exam 2017 Scholarships

The following Scholarships are tenable at the Indian Military Academy :

Parshuram Bhau Patwardan Scholarship :

This scholarship is awarded to cadets from Maharashtra and Karnataka. The value of one scholarship is upto a maximum ofRupee500.00 per annum for the duration of a cadet’s stay at the Indian Military Academy subject to the cadet’s making satisfactory progress. The cadets who are granted this scholarship will not be entitled to any other financial assistance from the Government.

Colonel Kendal Frank Memorial Scholarship :

This scholarship is of the value ofRupee360.00 per annum and is awarded to an eligible Maratha cadet who should be a son of ex-serviceman. The Scholarship is in addition to any financial assistance from the Government.

An outfit allowance at the rate and under the general conditions applicable at the time for each cadet belonging to the Indian Military Academy will be placed at disposal of the commandant of the Academy. The unexpended portion of the allowance will be -
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  1. handed over to the cadet on his being granted a commission or
  2. if he is not granted a commission refunded to the State. On being granted a commission article of clothing and necessaries purchased from the allowance shall become the personal property of the cadet. Such articles will, however be withdrawn from a cadet who resigns while under training or who is removed or withdrawn prior to commissioning. The article withdrawn will be disposed of to the best advantage of the State.

No candidate will normally be permitted to resign whilst under training. However, Gentlemen Cadet resigning after the commencement of training may be allowed to proceed home pending acceptance of their resignation by Army HQ. Cost of training, messing and allied services, will be recovered from them before their departure. They and their parents / guardians will be required to execute a bond to this effect before the candidates are allowed to join Indian Military Academy. A Gentlemen Cadet who is not considered suitable to complete the full course of training may with permission of the Government, be discharged. Service candidates under these circumstances will be reverted back to their parent Unit.

Commission will be granted only on successful completion of training. The date of commission will be that following the date of successful completion of training. Commission will be permanent.

Pay and allowances, pensions, leave and other conditions of service after the grant of commission will be identified with those applicable from time to time to regular officers of the army.

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Training : At the Indian Military Academy Army Cadets, known as Gentlemen Cadets, are given strenuous Military training for a period of 18 months aimed at turning out, officers capable of leading infantry subunits. On successful completion of training Gentlemen Cadets are granted Permanent Commission in the rank of Lt. subject to being medically fit, in S.H.A.P.E.

Insurance :

The Gentleman / Lady Cadets of IMA / OTA when in receipt of stipend are insured forRupee60 Lac wef 01 October, 2015. Those who get medically boarded out of Academy on account of disability, the disability cover provided for 100 percent disability will beRupee25 lac which is proportionately reduced up toRupee5 lac for 20 per cent disability.

However, for less than 20 per cent disability, no disability benefits is eligible but an Ex-Gratia Grant of Rupee50,000/- will be paid. Disability due to alcoholism, drug addiction and due to the diseases of pre-enrolment origin will not qualify for disability benefit and Ex – Gratia Grant.

In addition, Gentleman / Lady cadet withdrawn on disciplinary grounds or as undesirable or voluntarily leaves the Academy will also not be eligible for disability benefits and Ex-Gratia Grant. Subscription at the rate ofRupee5,000/ – will have to be paid in advance on monthly basis by the Gentleman / Lady Cadets who are in receipt of stipend and will become members of the main Army Group Insurance Scheme as applicable to Regular Army Officers.

Terms and Conditions of Service :

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  1. Posting : Army officers are liable to serve any where in India and abroad.
  2. Promotion :
      1. Substantive promotions. The following are the service limits for the grant of the substantive promotion to higher ranks.By Time Scale :

        Lt. : ( on Completion of training ).
        Capt. : 2 years of reckonable commissioned service.
        Major : 6 years of reckonable commissioned service.
        Lt. Col. : 13 years of reckonable commissioned service.
        Col ( TS ) : 26 years of reckonable commissioned service.

        By Selection :

        Col. : 15 years of reckonable commissioned service.
        Brigadier : 23 years of reckonable commissioned service.
        Major Gen. : 25 years of reckonable commissioned service.
        Lt. Gen. : 28 years of reckonable commissioned service.
        General : No restrictions.

    For candidates joining the Indian Naval Academy, Ezhimala, Kerala :

        1. Candidates selected for training at the Indian Naval Academy will be appointed as cadets under the Graduate Cadet Special Entry Scheme ( GSES ) course. The selection of the cadets is based on the candidate qualifying in the Combined Defence Services Examination ( CDSE ), followed by SSB interview and Medical Examination. Meritorious candidates who are medically fit are appointed to the 45 vacancies in the order of merit, Six of these 45 vacancies are reserved for Naval NCC ‘C’ Certificate holding candidates under the NCC Special Entry Scheme.
        2. Selection of Cadets from the National Cadet Corps :The eligibility, age limits, educational qualifications for candidates applying under the NCC Special Entry Scheme are the same as the GSES candidates except for the following :
          1. A NCC Cadet must have served for not less than two academic years in the Senior Division, Naval Wing of the National Cadet Corps, and must be in possession of Certificate ‘C’ ( Naval ). Those who have appeared or intend to appear for certificate ‘C’ examination are also eligible to apply but their final selection shall depend on producing the Certificate before the commencement of the course.
          2. The NCC Cadet must be in possession of a certificate of good conduct and character from his University or Principal of his College.
          3. A NCC Cadet shall not be eligible to apply after twelve months of leaving the Senior Division, Naval Wing of the National Cadet Corps.
          4. In order to apply, a cadet must submit his application to his Officer Commanding, N.C.C. Unit, Naval Wing who shall forward it through the Circle Commander concerned to the N.C.C. Directorate, Ministry of Defence, New Delhi. The N.C.C Directorate will forward the applications to the Chief of the Naval Staff. The applications shall be submitted on the prescribed form. These forms will be available at all N.C.C. Units.
          5. Candidate who are considered prima facie suitable shall be required to appear before a Services Selection Board for interview and other tests.
          6. Candidates to be finally selected should at least secure the minimum qualifying marks at the Services Selection Board. Subject to this condition and to their being declared medically fit, successful candidates shall be placed in the order of merit based on the total marks secured in the written examination and the Service Selection Board interview. The final selection shall be made in the order of merit up to the number of vacancies available.
        3. Candidates, finally selected for training at the academy will be appointed as cadets in the Executive Branch of the Navy. A sum of Rupee35,000/- should be brought by them and deposited in the bank account, which they would be opening at the State Bank of India, Ezhimala branch, on arrival. Since it is a large amount, it is advised that they carry a demand draft payable to self.The deposit money would be used to meet the following expenditure :
          aPocket / Personal expensesRupee5000/- @ Rupee1000/- per month
          bExpenses on Laundry, Civilian bearer, Cinema, hair cutting and other sundry servicesRupee4250/-@ Rupee850/- per month
          cExpenses on stitching / purchase of Academy Blazer, Academy Tie, Academy Mufti, Academy Sportswear, Jogging Shoes, Jungle Boots, Swimming Trunk / suits and SatchelsRupee20,000/-
          dTraveling expenses for proceeding to next duty station / home station on leave on completion of naval orientation course on return journey at the end of the termRupee2000/-

          Insurance :

          A sum ofRupee780/- non-refundable premium for a cover ofRupee8 Lakhs is required to be paid by the candidate on reporting to the Naval Academy during the six months of training. An additional premium ofRupee780/- would be payable for each relegated term.

      1. Training :Selected candidates may be appointed as cadets on reporting at the Indian Naval Academy. The candidates shall remain under probation till completion of initial training which is as follows :
        1. Naval Orientation Course of INA, Ezhimala – 44 weeks.
        2. Officers Sea Training at Training Ship – 06 months.
        3. Sub-Leiutenant Afloat Training – 06 Months.
        4. Sub-Lieutenant ( Technical course ) – 32 weeks.
        5. Afloat Attachment for award of Minimum Full Naval Watch-keeping Certificate – 06 – 09 Months
      2. Commissioning & Other Benefits : The cadets shall be commissioned in the rank of Sub-Leiutnenant after successful completion of approximately 18 months of training. The career prospects, leave benefits, leave and travel concession. Pensionary / retirements benefits and all such perks and privileges provided to officers in the Navy in similar to those being provided by the two services.
      3. The cost of training including accommodation and allied services, books, uniform, messing and medical treatment of the cadets of the Indian Naval Academy will be borne by the Government. Parents or guardians of cadets will, however, be required to meet their pocket and other private expenses while they are cadets. When a cadet’s parent or guardian has an Income less thanRupee1500/- per mensem and is unable to meet wholly or partly the pocket expenses of the cadet financial assistance up toRupee140/- per mensem may be granted by the Government. A candidate desirous of securing financial assistance may immediately after his selection, submit an application through the District Magistrate of his District, who will with his recommendations, forward the application to the following address.
        The Principal Director of Manpower Planning & Recruitment,
        Naval Headquarters,
        New Delhi – 110 011.

Note : Further information, if desired, may be obtained from the following address :

The Director of Manpower Planning & Recruitment,
Naval Headquarters,
New Delhi – 110 011.

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Combined Defence Services Examination II – CDS Exam II 2017 Scholarships


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