RRB Joint Employment Notice ( General Instruction )

Railway Recruitment Board General Instructions
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1.0 RRB Recruitment Process

1.1. After scrutiny of the applications, the RRBs concerned will issued call letters for written examination to eligible applicant’s indication the time, date venue. The cities / towns where the written examinations are to be venue. The cities / towns where the written examinations are to be held will be as per administrative convenience of RRB / Chennai, RRB / Secunderabad & RRB / Thiruvananthapuram.

1.2 e – pariksha: May hold online ( computerized examination ) / written exam for any of the categories of posts at their discretion. Candidates must have basic knowledge of use of computer mouse any keyboard operations. The venue for such online examination will be advised later. Detailed instructions will be issued to eligible candidates when they are called for online examination. For details refer the websites of RRBs concerned. Question paper will be in bi – lingual i.e. English / Hindi. Duration of the exam will be 1½ to 3 hours with approximately 100 – 125 questions with negative marketing. 1 mark will be deducted for every 3 wrong answers. Question paper for Cat.Nos.53 to 90 will be in Hindi only.

1.3 Syllabus for Examination : The examination will consist of objective type questions to test the candidate’s knowledge in the subjects specified as part of minimum educational qualification for the post, analytical and quantitative skills and General knowledge. Approximately 50% of questions will be to test the candidates’ knowledge of the prescribed Professional Qualification ( Technical Subjects ), 50% of questions on Mathematics, General Knowledge and Test of Reasoning. However, these are only broad indications and decision of RRB in this regard is final.

1.4 Verification : Finally, the candidates will be called to the office of the respective Railway Recruitment Boards for verification of all certificates and counseling before recommending them for appointment. The number of candidates who will be called for verification / counseling will be more than more than the actual number of vacancies. Candidates may not that merely being called for document verification / counseling does not in any way entitle them to appointment in Railways.

1.5 Panel : A panel of successful candidates will be recommended to the Railway Administration who will in turn verify all original documents and issue appointment order subject to the candidate fulfilling all the criteria including medical standards, against vacancies.

2.0 Conditions of Recruitment

2.1 Mere selection of candidates or recommendation of his / her name by the Railway Recruitment Board for appointment does not confer any right on the candidate for his / her appointment in Railways.

2.2 Please note Railway Recruitment Boards reserve the right to conduct additional / second stage / re – examination / and or interview verification at any stage. RRB also reserves the right to after the stages of examination or cancel part or whole of recruitment process at any stage for any of the categories notified without assigning any reason thereof.

2.3 The number of vacancies indicated is provisional and may increase or for decrease and even become ‘Nil’ depending upon the actual needs of the Administration. The administration also reserves the right to cancel all notifies vacancies at its discretion and such decision will be final and binding on all. In the event of cancellation of the notified vacancies, the examination fee / postal charge paid by the candidates will not be refunded.

2.4 At the time of applying, candidates should possess the prescribed minimum Educational Qualification. Only candidates in possession of at least the Provisional Certificate of the qualifying professional / academic examination are eligible to apply. Those awaiting results of the final examination or the qualifying certificates need not apply.

2.5 Candidates trying to use influence or unfair means will be disqualified from selection at any stage. Railway Recruitment Board will reject any application at any stage of recruitment process if the candidates is ineligible for the post for which he / she has applied or indulges in any form of malpractice. Even after appointment such a candidate is liable to be summarily removed from service.

2.6 Candidates attempting to give false information / suppress facts will be disqualified and are liable for debarment and / or legal action. Candidates who attempt to commit fraud / impersonation or copying are liable to be debarred for life from all Railway Recruitment Board examinations over Indian Railways. The candidature of applicants who are found to have been debarred from RRB examination is liable to be rejected at any stage of the recruitment process and the selection / appointment of such candidates is also liable to be cancelled at any stage. In this regard, decision of Railway Recruitment Board ( Chennai, Secunderabad or Thiruvananthapuram as the case may be ) sill be final and binding on all.

3.0 Medical Standards

The Medical Standards for different Categories are given below :

A - 2Physically fit in all respects, Visual Standards Distance vision: 6 / 9, 6 / 9 without glasses. Near vision: Sn.0.6, 0.6 without glasses. Colour Vision, Binocular Vision, Field of Vision & Night Vision must be present.
A - 3Physically fit in all respects. Visual Standards, Distance Vision: 6.9, 6.9 with or without glasses. [ Power not to exceed +/- 2D ] close work is required. Colour Vision, Binocular Vision, Field of Vision & Night Vision must be present.
B - 1Physically fit in all respects:- Visual Standards Distance vision: 69 /, 6 / 12, with or without glasses. [ Power not exceed +/- 4D ] Near vision: Sn.0.6, 0.6 with or without glasses when reading or close work is required. Colour Vision, Binocular Vision & Night Vision must be present.
C - 1Physically fitin all respects . Visually Standards Distance Vision: 6 / 12, 6 / 18 with or without glasses. Near vision: 0.6, 0.6 with or without glasses when reading or close work is required.
C - 2Physically fit in all respects. Visually Standards Distance vision: 6 / 12, Nil with or without glasses. Near vision: Sn.0.6, 0.6 with or without glasses when reading or close work is required.

3.1 Details of medical standards: Details and criteria given above are indicate and not exhaustive. Other tests as required will also be included.

3.2 Candidates who do not fulfill the prescribed medical standards need not apply.

3.3 Selected candidates will be required to execute a bond and agree to serve the Railway Administration for the prescribed period.

3.4 Selected candidates who are finally appointed are liable for active service in the Railway Engineers Units of Territorial Army.

3.5 Candidates recommended for SR / SCR / ECOR are liable to be posted and transferred to any place within the jurisdiction of SR / SCR / ECOR.

4.0 Special Conditions :

4.1 Persons with disabilities

( a ) Cat. Nos.13, 14, 21, 52, 62, 63, 64, 65, 71, 72 and identified as suitable for persons with disabilities

No. of posts identified for persons with disabilities to apply
Cat No.13 10

( b ) Recruitment against quota, earmarked for persons with disabilities will be done by respective Production Unit / Zonal Railway separately.

However, candidates with disabilities can also apply to RRBs like as other candidates and their application will be issued on merits.

4.2 The recruitment process is subject to caste based reservation.

4.3 All Candidates irrespective of community will considered for UR vacancy subject to their fulfilling the age criteria for UR vacancies notified for specific community quota, only candidates of that particular community will be considered provided they fulfill the conditions of age, educational / technical qualification and on production of attested copy of the caste certificate along with application.

4.4 Please note

( a ) Caste certificate from competent authority for SC / ST and OBC candidates in the prescribed format has to be produced.
( b ) If the candidates belong to and wish to be considered against a specific community quota and tick the community column accordingly, their application will be rejected if proof of community in the prescribed format is not enclosed.
( c ) Any subsequent representation for change of community status will not be entertained under any circumstances.
( d ) OBC candidates should specifically obtain a certificate to the effect that the candidate does not being to persons / sections ( Creamy Layer ) mentioned in Column 3 of the Schedule to the Government of India. Department of Personnel & Training OM NO. 36012 / 22 / 93 – Estt ( SCT ), dated 8.9.1993. Unless this criterion is satisfied, OBC candidates cannot avail of the reservation under this quota and if they have indicated the community as OBC their application will be rejected and they will not be considered even against unreserved quota. The certificate should not be more than one year old. ( Please refer the prescribed format should shown as Annexure – 4 )
( e ) OBC candidates are required to fill a separate Declaration as mentioned at Annexure – 5
( f ) OBC candidates not possessing “Non Creamy Layer” Certificate may apply under UR Quota ( if available ) subject to fulfilling UR age limit duly ticking the UR column.
( g ) Travel concession: Free second class sleeper will be issued to the candidates belonging to SC & ST community whenever they are called by RRB / Chennai or RRB / Secunderabad or RRB / Thiruvananthapuram during any stage of selection, Candidates must however indicate the nearest Railway station in English in the Application Form.

5.0 Special Age Relaxation

5.1 Special age relaxation is available to some of candidates as indicated below: Candidates desirous of availing age relaxation should indicate the corresponding code in the application form in the space provided. Documentary proof should also be enclosed

CodeExtent of Age RelaxationAvailable to
ExSUpper age limit relaxable up to extent of service rendered in Defence plus 3 years provided they have put in a minimum of 6 months service after attestation and up to the age of 40 years for reservists not employed in Govt. Service. However, for apprentice categories, the upper age limit will be 40 years.Ex Servicemen
SREa ) Up to the extent of service provided they have put in a minimum of 3 years continuous service subject to maximum of 45 years for SC / ST, 43 years for OBC and 40 years in the case of others.
b ) Maximum upper age relaxation will not exceed 5 years
a) Serving Group C / D Railway staff and Railway Casual Labourers / Substitutes
b) For staff working in Co - operative Societies and Institutes with minimum 3 years service therein.
WDUpto the age of 35 yearsWindows, divorced or judicially separated women.
OWDUp to the age of 38 yearsWidows, divorced or judicially separated women belonging to OBC
SWDUp to the age of 40 yearsWidows, divorced or judicially separated women belonging to SC / ST
J&KBy 5 yearsPersons who had ordinary domiciled in the Kashmir Dvn. Of the State of Jammu and Kashmir during the period from 1st January, 1980 to 31st December,1989

5.2 No age relaxation is allowed to SC / ST / OBC candidates applying against unreserved posts. Even if they qualify for such posts where only UR vacancies exist, they will be rejected on age grounds if they do not fulfill the UR age criteria. In the same way if SC / ST / OBC candidates qualify in the UR merit list but they do not fulfill the UR age criteria, they will be adjusted against their respective quota vacancies, if available.

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RRB Joint Employment Notice ( General Instruction )


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