Physical / Medical Standards for SSB Interview

Physical / Medical Standards for SSB Interview

1. Candidates must be physically fit according to the prescribed physical Standards. Board guidelines are given below.

2. Height – Minimum acceptable height is 157.5 cm (162.5 cm for Flying branch-Airforce), otherwise as per laid down Age-Height-Weight standard chart, 10% departure permitted for Gorkhas, individuals belonging to hills of North-Eastern Region of India, Garhwal and Kumaon the minimum acceptable height will be 5 cms less.

For women minimum height and weight are 142 cms and 36 Kgs respectively.

3. Weight – As per Height–Weight-Age Standard chart,18 years old boy must have minimum of 44Kgs with 152.5 cm height;similarly an youth of 22 years age with 77 Kg Weight should have 193 cms height.

4. Chest – Chest should be well developed. The minimum range of expansion after full inspiration should be 5cms. X-ray of chest is compulsory.

5. Bones – No diseases of bones and joints of the body.

6. Mental fitness – No past history of mental break down / fits.

7. Hearing – Should be normal should be able to hear a forced whisper with each ear at a distance of 610 cms in a QUIET room.

8. Heart & Blood Vessel- No sign of functional or organic disease of the heart and blood vessel, Blood pressure should be normal.

9. Abedomen – Be well developed and no enlargement of liver or spleen.

10. Hernia – Un-operated Hernia will make a candidate unfit.

11. Hydrocycle, Varicocele or piles- Only after proper treatment/operation done at least six months prior to present examination.

12. Urine- Any abnormality in urine examination if detected will be cause for rejection.

13. Skin- Any disease not accepted.

14. Vision:

  • For Flying Branch (IAF)-Distant Vision 6/6 without glasses.
  • For others- Distant Vision 6/6 with or without glasses.

15. Myopia- Shouldn’t be more than 3.5 D, including Astigmatism.

16. Color Vision- Standard will be CP-3. A Candidate should be able to recognize RED and GREEN colors.

17. Miscellaneous- There are minor variations for Air Force candidates for Ground duties, Fighter Controller Duties, Adm / Acct / Lgs branches, Flying pilot Branch and women candidates.

18. Teeth – A minimum of 14 Dental points acceptable when 32 teeth are present.

19. Candidate should not suffer from severe PYORRHOEA.

Physical Conditioning :

20. Prospective candidates are advised to keep themselves in good physical condition by following the under mentioned regimen daily :

  • Jogging 3 to 5 kms interspersed with short sprints
  • Skipping
  • Push ups and sit up’s (minimum 20 each)
  • Chin ups ( minimum 8 )
  • Learn the art of swimming (Non-swimmers will be taught at the training Academy respectively)

21. Play as many games like Football, Hockey, Cricket, Basket ball, Kabaddi etc as possible. Body contact games are preferable.

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Physical / Medical Standards for SSB Interview


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  1. atul yadav March 14, 2012 at 11:24 pm # Reply

    sir i have problem of knocking knee , am i applicable for join the indian army??

  2. abhishek varma October 6, 2012 at 6:47 pm # Reply

    can u say what is the weight a man of 176 cms should have for ssb ???

  3. abhishek varma October 6, 2012 at 6:47 pm # Reply

    can u say what is the weight of a man of 176 cms should have for ssb ???

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