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Indian Army Armoured Corps :

Earlier it was known as Horsed Cavalry. Now except for 61 Cavalry all others have been modernized and given tanks as their main fighting weapon. It is known as the “King of the Battle”. Indian Army Armoured Corps is the Senior most arm in the Indian Army. There are approximately 63 Indian Army Armoured Regiments with variety of equipment and tanks including the latest Indian Main Battle Tank “ARJUN” The 61 Cavalry and President’s Body Guard [PBG] has Horses. The Armoured Corps Centre and School of Armed Warfare is located at Ahmednagar (112 Km from Pune) in Maharashtra. The Young Officers do their initial shaping at this centre & school.

Indian Army Infantry :

Known as the “Queen of the Battle” the Infantry is the arm, which, consists of Soldiers he relentlessly moves forward into the enemy area and physically occupy the ground. These dared evils can work and move in day /night in any type of terrain. The Indian Army Infantry achieves it results by coordinated effort of the land, sea and air forces. In other words these are the men who face the bullet more than any other arms / service. The mere fact that Most of the Soldiers who are decorated are from the Infantry proves the point beyond any doubt.

Note : It is mandatory for all the officers commissioned into the Infantry to under go one of the toughest of all courses. “The Commondo” Course.

Indian Army Artillery :

The Indian Army Artillery dominated the battlefield with its immense firepower. Arty shells are fired from as long as 27 Km before the enemy bunkers and destroys his will to fight the on coming Armored formations and Infantry. The Artillery has about 185 Regiments. The premier training institution is located at Deolali, near Nasik. Depending on the equipments held the Artillery units can be broadly divided into :

a) Filed Branch Artillery , b) Air Defence Artillery.

Some of the equipments held by Indian Army Artillery are :

  1. Bofers 155 mm guns
  2. 105 MM Indian Field Guns
  3. Rocket Launchers PINACA Multi Barrel Rocket Launchers
  4. Missiles firing equipments
  5. Radars

Indian Army Engineers :

The Indian Army Engineers Support (Civil Engineers) is essential in all battles. The Indian Army Engineers perform tasks like construction of bridges for own troops, demolition of enemy bridges, lay mine fields, construct Helipads and Air Strips. In short they help the other arms to cross the rivers. The Corps of Engineers consist of Madras Sappers, Bengal Sappers and the Bombay Sappers. The College of Military Engineering at Pune is the Premier training institution for the Corps of Engineers.

Indian Army Signals :

The Indian Army Signals (Telecommunication Engineers) provide Hi-Tech Radio and Line Communication back up to the Army. The Young officers are trained for providing these communication net work at the Military College Of Telecommunication Engineering (MCTE) at Mhow near Indore in MP.

Indian Army Service Corps :

The Indian Army Service Corps forms an important component of the Administrative Services and is senior most to them all. The ASC School at Bareilley is the premier Training institution of the ASC. The ASC performs the essential functions of feeding and transporting so as to ensure the Army maintains its efficiency.

It is organized into three main branches :

  1. Supplies
  2. Transport (Includes Animal and Motor Transport)
  3. FOL (Fuel, Oil and Lubricant) Used in motor Transport.

Indian Army Medical Corps :

The Indian Medical services of the Army provides medical cover to the men and their families. The Indian Army Doctors accompany the soldiers on their active service. The Indian Army Corps is organized on the most advanced lines and has its own hospitals. The Indian Army Research and Referral Hospital Located at Delhi has highly specialized doctors and equipments. It has its own Nursing Services which, provides its own Nurses to the hospitals.

The Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC) Pune, is the premier institution for training of Medical Officers.

Indian Army Ordnance Corps : Indian Army Ordnance Corps is responsible for the procurement, manufacture, supply of all ammunitions of was, clothing, equipment and all general stores except Fuel, and rations.

Army Aviation Corps :

It is the latest addition in the Indian Army. Army Aviation Corps is mostly used for carrying out reconnaissance of the enemy territory and guiding own infantry and used as air Observation post. It has helicopters such as Cheetahs, Chetaks, and Akbars.

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Indian Army Divisions


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