How to Prepare for Sainik Academy Entrance Examination

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How to Prepare for the Sainik Entrance Examination :

The Candidates are advised to follow a regular study patron at least for Six months prior to taking the Sainik written examination. Remember this may be your First Competitive Examination and its Success will boost your morale. The parents are requested to help the child to learn all the basics and do each and every sum (Math’s) given in the Master Guide. The Daily prayer before starting the Preparation is a must :

The Preparation schedule followed at Sainik Academy is given below :

Time in hoursActivityRemarks
0600Raise and Shine 
0630 to 0715Jogging, some yoga exercises.Except Sunday
0716 to 0800Bath and Breakfast 
0801 to 0815Revision of all the Mathematical Formulae./Chemistry/Physics.Or Home Work
0900 to 1700school and games 
1701 to 1800 Bath and change 
1801 to 2000Study and Preparation for Next Day Classes 
2001 to 2030 , 2031 to 2100TV Time Watch the TV News Channel (Take Notes on imp events) 
2100 to 2115Revision of Maths /Physics/Chemistry Formulae 
2116 to 2130 Hours prepare uniform/notes for next day classes. 2131 Lights out. Good Night

Sundays and Holidays Take a two hour examination as Revision and Preparation for Sainik School.

Class VI :

0800 hrs : Boys to report for checking of Identity Cards and seating.

0900-1100 hrs : Mathematical Knowledge Test and Language Ability Test- one Booklet.

1100- 1130 hrs : Tea Break.

1130 hrs : Boys report after Break.

1200-1240 hrs : Intelligence Test.

Class IX :

0800 hrs : Boys report for Identity card check and seating.

0900-1130 hrs : Mathematics & Science – One Booklet.

1130-1150 hrs : Tea Break.

1150 hrs : Boys report after Tea Break.

1200 – 1400 hrs : English & Social Science – One Booklet. +

To prepare for the Sainik / Military School / RIMC :

The candidates should be made to follow a strict and systematic Study while he is preparing for the Sainik Competitive written examination. Please remember this is not your class / school examination where, a mere 35% of marks will do to get promoted to the next class. Only the best of the lot are being given admission in these prestigious Schools.

Please make a time table of your study period. A model time table : Time (Period) available for Preparation is 10 Months Or 300 days. X 2 = 600 hours.

Subjects to be studied :

  1. Mathematics
  2. English
  3. Intelligence Tests
  4. Science (In case of Class VIII and IX)

Let us consider that the candidate required more time for Mathematics. Hence we allot 200 hours out of 600 hours i.e 1/3 rd of the time available. Reason scoring 100 % in Mathematics is easy provided you are well prepared.

English 100 Hours, Science 200 Hours (The subject being vast you require many ref books) , IQ Tests 100 Hours. You can Devote 1/5 of this time for preparing for Sainik examination and 4/5th of this time for reading the subject.

How to prepare for Mathematics :

  1. Formulae are very important for solving the problems
  2. First of all read and understand the problem
  3. Note down the following :- What are the data given in the sum / Problem?, What is to be found out?, Which formulae are to be used to get the solution?
  4. Step one write down the formulae and substitute the Values in the formulae as per the requirement of the Formulae.
  5. After arriving at the solutions add units to the answer as required by the problem. Give a separate heading as Solution and under line it.

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How to Prepare for Sainik Academy Entrance Examination


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