Career in the Armed Forces

Career in the Armed Forces :Indian Defence Exams | Defence Services Exam Notification

A career in the armed forces has taken a low priority amongst the educated youth of Today. In this materialistic world, soft corporate jobs are being sort after than the adventurous career in the armed forces. The life in the Forces is not a bed of roses. Certainly for a person who wants to have it easy, it is not a place to work.

The Armed forces is meant for men and women who, “Love adventure and who are willing to accept challenges”. It is for those handfuls of candidate we have taken an effort to bring the latest information about “How to choose a befitting choice of career that are available to the aspirant in the armed forces?”

In order to make it easy for you to refer to this material we have classified it on the basis of your Armed Forces Educational Qualification and age. Before we get into the nuts and bolts we have given below the various arms / Services and Branches from which one can choose his / her career.

Colour Code of Indian Defence :

Army : Red

Navy : Blue

Air Force : Grey

Others : Green

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Career in the Armed Forces


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