Career in the Armed Forces After 10 / +2

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How To Join The Armed Forces As Officer- Methods : In this chapter we shall talk about the various methods of entry into forces as officers. There are approximately 10 ways to enter into the services as an officer.

Types of commission : There are two types of commission which are granted to officers :

Permanent Commission – A permanent Commission means a career in the Army till you retire.

Short Service Commission – Short service commission means serving in the armed forces from 5 to 10 years and then quit. In this you can opt for permanent commission any time after 5 years.

Method of Selection : For the entry into the Armed Forces you will have to go through either all or some of the following stages depending upon the type of entry you are applying for :

  1. Stage 1 : Responding to the advertisement in the News paper (Employment News – Best source) – filling of application and forwarding to the respective offices.
  2. Stage 2 : Receipt of Hall tickets / Interview Call letter.
  3. Stage 3 : If it is a written test then announcement of result- then attending the interview at Services Selection Board. If direct interview attending Interview at SSB.
  4. Stage 4 : On getting recommended by the SSB, attending the Medical examination at Armed Forces Medical hospitals.
  5. Stage 5 : Preparation of Merit List and sending call letters to selected candidates Receipt of Joining instructions from the respective Officers training institutes.
  6. Stage 6 : Candidates reporting for Training and commencement of training.
  7. Stage7 : Commissioning on successful completion of the training by the respective academies.

Note : This process generally takes from 6 months to 15 months depending upon the type of entry applied for.

The Age given in the application will be applicable at the commencement of training. For NDA / CDS the education Qualification required for the particular commission is also applicable only at the time of entering into the training institutes. (For Eg. The required qualification is 10 +2 for NDA. There is no embargo on a candidate still studying at the school in + 2 for appearing in the written test / SSB Interview.) Hence plan in advance for the Commission in the armed forces. Do not wait till the completion of your schooling / college degree.

The following types of Entry modes are available :

  1. After 10 +2
  2. After graduation
  3. After Engineering Degree
  4. After Post graduation
  5. Service Entries
  6. For Women Officers

Entries those are possible after 10 + 2 or Equivalent :

Following entry routes are available for students with the age group of 16 ½ to 191/2 (depending on the entry) with 10 + 2 or equivalent qualification :

National Defence Academy : – Pune

a) Cadet Entry(10 +2) in Executive Branch of Navy through Naval Academy

b) 10 +2 Technical entry in Army and Navy.

c) Armed Force Medical College (to become a Doctor).

d) Service entry – ACC (Army Cadet College- Dehradun)

e) Airmen Entry-Pilot(Through Air Force Academy Dundigal)

f) Navy- sailors entry (For officers training in Navy at Mandovi)

g) Military Nursing Service (Only for Females)

Note :

  1. For this the candidate is required to service in the ranks for a stipulated period.
  2. The education qualification is generally 10 +2.
  3. Age limit is higher as per service stipulation.

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Career in the Armed Forces After 10 / +2


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    i have passed 12th this year with 86% marks…is there any way i can directly go for SSB interview ??

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